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Afterglow, a weekly half-hour sacred music production, offers one of the finest music/talk programs available anywhere in America. Currently being received by over two hundred stations in the United States, the Caribbean and the Far East, the program is at home in a variety of station formats. It has been added to Salem Radio Network's Satellite System for distribution to an additional fifteen hundred stations. The production is digitally mastered and duplicated and provides an outstanding blend of uniquely styled traditional and contemporary Christian music.

Afterglow, created and launched in 1975, has received National Religious Broadcasters ''Award of Excellence'' in program production and content. It also was selected for two ''Silver Angel Awards'' from Excellence in Media and was selected for the 1997 Covenant Award as the outstanding national network/syndication inspirational program. Rev. Don Johnson, Afterglow's Producer/Host, received the 2002 National Religious Broadcasters ''Milestone Award.''


Henry Van Dykes memorable lyrics to ''Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee'' were set to the music from the last movement of Ludwig von Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 composed 1817-1823. Much of our beautiful sacred music has its foundations in the classics. In this musical heritage version of AFTERGLOW you'll hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Carnellean Quartet and pianist Linda McKechnie beautifully combining ''Great Is The Lord'' with ''Minuet'' by Paderewski and ''All Hail The Power'' with ''Trumpet Voluntary'' by Purcelli.
This version of AFTERGLOW is created especially for stations that play classical music and that may or may not be affiliated with NPR (National Public Radio). You'll not only hear music favorites in classical stylings, but learn the rich heritage from which these songs emerged.

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Special Productions

Beyond The Manger, A Christmas Stories/Music CD.

Learn how "Silent Night" was written by a village priest and a church organist in the tiny town of Obendorf in the Austrian Alps.  Discover the special circumstances that guided Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to create the lyrics to "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day."  Watch the unfolding drama of a song sung on a mid-1800s Christmas Eve that saved musician Ira Sankey from death.  Enjoy the magic of a young girl's gift to her father in The Golden Gift.  See how a Christmas gift gave a humble servant to a wealthy art collector priceless masterpieces of art in The Father's Will.  And much, much more.  A generous program of 19 wondrous stories and 19 beautiful carols.  It's like getting two Christmas CDs in one. 

"Amazing Love" Story CD – Stories of the Cross and Beyond

"Amazing Love" CD is a perfect follow-up to "The Passion of the Christ" movie. The movie Dramatically shows what happened to Christ during His last hours of trial and crucifixion. "Amazing Love" points out how this benefits all of us.

The movie aroused the world, both Christian and non-Christian. "Amazing Love" is a "soothing supplement" to the movie. It is a "must listening" for everyone, whether seeing the movie or not. It will cause us to take inventory of our "spiritual self" and see where we need help.

Find out who wrote the universally recognizable "Amazing Grace" and listen to unique arrangements of "The Old Rugged Cross" and "I Bowed On My Knees and Cried 'Holy'." Hear a medical description of the suffering and agony a person experienced at crucifixion.
A copy of this CD will be sent to those making a contribution.


For your CD copy of either "Beyond The Manger" or "Amazing Love", e-mail us your name, address, city, state, zip, phone and send your contribution to Afterglow. Your CD will be on the way.

The Afterglow e-mail address is donafterglow@aol.com.

The mailing address is Box 383333, Germantown, TN 38138.


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