''Afterglow'' -- a glow which remains after the source of light has gone...
a glow in the sky after the sun has set...
the sensation that remains after a pleasant experience.

Afterglow lingers long after the last note is played. Some of the special "Accent" features listed can be read and downloaded to enjoy and share. There readings, messages, and stories can provide inspiration to you, family, and friends.




Death Valley Character The Best is Yet to Come
Empty Hands Decisions Lunch in the Park w/ God
Feeling Sorry for Yourself Trials The Baby Child
Invited Guest Little Things Enough!
Unanswered Prayer A Word From Heaven  
Managment Consultants The Race  
One Solitary Life Brooklyn Bridge Story  
The Greatest Gift On Your Tombstone  
Great Statements Beginning the Day  
  New...What's the Use?  



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