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A Tribute to Ann – A look to the Past  back to top of Personal Page

Don and Ann by the Lake...Ann loved to go on walks through the neighborhood. It was on these walks that we would use conversational prayer ...eyes open but hearts bowed ...praying for each other, friends, and a world that needed to know Christ, personally and passionately.

Ann's Smile...always contagious, no matter where she went she lit up a room
by her presence and personality...her eyes seemed to say, ''I love you and God loves you!'' and so many responded to her beauty and warmth and felt a special touch from heaven.

Don, Ann and Michael at Florida family wedding.
Everyone called Ann the rainbow lady.

A Special Anniversary at the Peabody's Che Philipe ...elegant surroundings, immaculate service, exquisite food and a memory to hold for a lifetime.

Don and Ann, the Early Years ...did you ever look that young?

Angel Awards Banquet, 1985, in Hollywood, Afterglow receives Excellence In Media's Silver Angel for outstanding program content and production...
Michael Landon also received a Silver Angel for his Highway to Heaven production ...Hollywood stars, TV and Broadcast leaders could not outshine Ann.

Don and Ann...down home style ...Ann could be at home in evening dress attire and jewelry or feel comfortable in jeans and shirt ...no matter, she always looked elegant!

Ann and Tiger, her show cocker spaniel who won the Memphis Dog Show in his class. She called him the Robert Redford of dogs ...on our walks people would stop us, not for us, but to look at and ask about Tiger.

Ann and Michael at Opryland, fun times with family ...train rides and roller coasters, country music shows and broadway style productions ...it was all a joy and Ann made it special.

Ann and Michael in Destin ...one of our favorite places, Harry T's restaurant in the Destin Yacht Club ...and children ate free.

Michael, duplication and distribution, IT Director for Afterglow...His eyes, smile and personality are remarkablly like Ann's ...I feel most blessed to have had Ann by my side for so long, and to have such a remarkable son as Michael.



People Who Have Impacted My Life  back to top of Personal Page

Mom & Sis
Family, who gave me direction and support and counseled, sacrificed and chaperoned me in my early ministry with Teenagers for Christ.

Heather & Stephen Olford
Founder of Encounter Ministries International, widely acclaimed biblical expository preacher.

Zig Ziglar with Cheryl & Don Johnson
Internationally known motivational and inspirational speaker.

Mamie Owens
Mamie Owens, retired nurse, who prayed for me and my ministry
every day at 4:30 am.

Beverly & Bill Rogers with Don & Cheryl Johnson
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Rev. Phil Esty with Don Johnson
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Join the Family  back to top of Personal Page

There are several ways you can be a part of the Afterglow family. Read the following information and decide where you can best join in.


Pray...nothing is more important

It's been said the Christian army moves ahead on its knees. So with ministry. You can do many things after you've prayed, but you can do nothing until you've prayed. Your faithful and consistent prayers for Afterglow will help us reach and claim more lives for Christ. Please join with us as a prayer member of the Afterglow family.

Yes, I will pray faithfully and regularly for this ministry and those who lead it.

Share...outreach is as important as intake

You become a sharing member of the Afterglow family by telling others.

First, tell them when and where you listen to the weekly music program. Give them the station call letters, location on the radio dial, and time and day they can listen also.

Second, ask your church if they would put this information in your weekly bulletin.

Third, tell others about this website, a place they can listen to Afterglow, read the special features included in the program, request the free items that are offered from time to time, communicate by e-mail and much more.

Invest...Jesus said ''It is more blessed to give than to receive''

I know of few ministries where so little accomplishes so much for so many.

Afterglow, the radio outreach of Afterglow Ministries, is working every week, through sacred music and meaningful commentary, to ministrer to thousands of listeners. Production and distribution of Afterglow are totally dependent on voluntary gifts and contributions.

You can be an investor in something that will count for eternity. The lives that are touched, the hearts that are encouraged, the inspiration and uplift that is received, is credited to your account when you allow God, through you, make this happen.

Will you give through your prayers, words and finances to help us reach His goal of exalting the name of Christ through media the world over?