The Show

Afterglow is... Music

Featuring some of the world's most beautiful sacred music. Lavish orchestrations, unique arrangements, stirring vocals and majestic chorals. Selections that have passed the test of time.


Enlightening history of writers and composers of grand traditional hymns blended with stories that deeply touch and inspire audiences everywhere.


Song lyrics are in themselves often a theological education that deepens knowledge and understanding.


Details of the composers and the experiences that led them to write and arrange notes and words that have changed lives.


From discouragement to delight, from sadness to joy, from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, there is strength to step bravely into the future while standing courageously in the present.

Uniquely Different

Music has always played a significant role in our world and national life. Sacred music is an important part of this heritage. It's been said ''music soothes the savage beast,'' but it accomplishes many other goals as well. Music has helped us find hope, encouragement, guidance, calmness, motivation and uplift. Afterglow is specifically designed to offer these qualities in each production.

Isn't it significant that in the Lord's Word He devotes 150 chapters in the middle of scripture that provide the spiritual hymnbook for all who want to sing His praises. These psalms, like the hymns of Afterglow, were written from the varied backgrounds of joy and sadness, prosperity and adversity, hope and despair. When His Word is set to music or His truths are expressed in song, great things happen.

Afterglow'S music has been described as a unique mix of three ingredients: the majesty of a snow-capped mountain, the sparkling freshness of a clear-flowing stream, and the warmth and splendor of a golden sunset. It's special blend of lavish orchestrations, elegant stylings, and the finest artists create the distinctive mood so characteristic of each program.

Afterglow Classics is the newest version of the program that has been specially designed for NPR (National Public Radio) Classical Music formatted stations. Spotlighting religious music with a classical interpretation in orchestration and arrangement, the program features intriguing history on the music selections presented. This is the most creative and innovative music heritage production of its kind.<

Exceptional Features of Afterglow

One thing truly remarkable about Afterglow is it's acceptance not only on religious stations, but on a variety of other differently formatted stations. The program has ''boldly gone where no man has gone before.'' It has been accepted by a Contemporary Rock music station in Seattle, a Contemporary Country music station in Nebraska, and a Contemporary Hits music station in Utah, and an Oldies station in Georgia, as well as to a host of other stations that regularly air the program throughout the world. This is no small accomplishment for any program, much less for a sacred music production.

Another exceptional feature of Afterglow is its acceptance by radio stations as a ''Public Service'' feature. This means that each of the 200 stations receiving the program include it in their format without charging payment for airtime. Nearly $500,000 worth of radio time is donated to Afterglow each year. This indicates the value the stations find in the program's production and content and their desire to offer Afterglow as a service to the listening audience in their community.

A new door has been opened for Afterglow to be added to Salem Radio Network's Satellite Distribution to an additional 1100 stations across America.


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